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Lognor Web Service for beverage industry improves beverage manufacturing company’s tactical and operational distribution planning decisions and analyzes what-if scenarios for the supply chain network configuration.

At the core of this system is an optimization model to address transportation and inventory management problem for the beverage manufacturing companies that have a set of production and distribution platforms with various characteristics to fulfill customers demand.

This software can handle very complex tactical distribution planning problems with the increased assortment of SKUs with necessity for flexible distribution network to satisfy the customers, who request a very disjointed set of SKUS.

Atypical flows of finished products from distribution centers to production platforms yielding an intricate supply chain can be easily handled by this software.

The quality of the solutions provided by our software and easy-to-use user interface and editable inputs and outputs will motivate your company planners to use it. 

Contact us today for detailed document for this optimization software in order to assess the suitability of our optimization software for your supply chain.

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We offer 30-day FREE TRIAL for all our web services. You can test the capability of our optimization web services with your own business data to make objective decision. The trial version does not impose any limitation on the optimization model size or input data volume. But the trial version limits the number of optimization model runs per day. The trial version can help you understand the suitability of our optimization web services for your operations and also help you determine whether any customization is required.

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    Our software is highly configurable and scalable. If your company needs customization of the optimization model to suit your company’s supply chain performance metrics or your operational constraints, our optimization specialists can rapidly do the customization before deployment. Minor customizations are done free of charge. We charge only for major customization work.