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Lognor Web Services

We provide web services and software products to optimize your logistics. Due to the demand from the industry, we have introduced product versions also for all our web services. Our web services are highly configurable and scalable and offer comprehensive optimization software solutions for managing your operations. Our web services can drive profitability and more streamlined operations for 3PLs, brokers, distribution and supply operations, dedicated and private fleets, commercial carriers, energy service providers — even heavy construction, waste handling, off-road fleets and truck service centers.

Our web services provide you with more business agility and the time to concentrate on your core business competencies. We manage your operations IT environment for critical business uptime. Our web services can complement any IT and business strategy, from small and medium business enterprises to the focused needs of large companies. With the rising costs and complexities of maintaining a secure IT applications environment, turning to web services can be a highly cost-effective solution.

Featured Web Services

Industrial Gases

Lognor Web Service for industrial gas supply chain helps in cyclical inventory replenishment for the distribution centers that manage inventory of industrial gases.

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Finished Vehicles Logistics

Lognor Web Service for finished vehicles logistics is a comprehensive solution with 4 modules: Inbound supply chain optimization, Outbound supply chain optimization, Yard optimization and Network optimization

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Lognor Web Service for 3PL has two modules: First module helps you in load planning for large-scale less-than-truckload freight operations. The second module optimizes strategic relay network design and dispatching method selection for full truckloads.

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Lognor Web Service for beverage industry improves beverage manufacturing company’s tactical and operational distribution planning decisions and analyze what-if scenarios for the supply chain network configuration.

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We offer 30-day FREE TRIAL for all our web services. You can test the capability of our optimization web services with your own business data to make objective decision. The trial version does not impose any limitation on the optimization model size or input data volume. But the trial version limits the number of optimization model runs per day.

The trial version can help you understand the suitability of our optimization web services for your operations and also help you determine whether any customization is required.

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    Our software is highly configurable and scalable. If your company needs customization of the optimization model to suit your company’s supply chain performance metrics or your operational constraints, our optimization specialists can rapidly do the customization before deployment. Minor customizations are done free of charge. We charge only for major customization work.